Our Services

Having worked extensively across categories, region, demography, Sindbad is bestowed with natural flow of knowledge & vision; which exactly is the reason why we have always succeeded in handling every project diligently making them profitable. Our exposure to varied field, people, marketing, menu, locations, cities etc has enabled us to think & execute logically based on research & data (and not just by guts)

Business Plan

Executive Summary:

Brief overview of the restaurant concept, market opportunity, and financial projections.

Business Description:

Summary of the restaurant concept, mission, legal structure, and location.

Market Analysis:

Analysis of target market, competitors, and market opportunities.

Marketing and Sales Strategy:

Overview of branding, marketing channels, and sales projections.

Operations Plan:

Description of daily operations, staffing, and key processes.

Financial Plan:

Startup costs, revenue projections, break-even analysis, and cash flow.

Risk Management:

Identification of risks and mitigation strategies.

Concept and Theme Development

Know Your Audience:

Identifying target customers based on demographics and preferences.

Research and Differentiate:

Study the local market, find gaps, and define what makes our restaurant unique.

Cuisine and Theme:

Choose a cuisine and develop a theme that resonates with our audience, whether it's cultural, nostalgic, or innovative.

Design the Ambiance:

Developing the outline of ambiance through references, drawings or imagination. The ambiance should enhance the dining experience and evoke the desired emotions.

Craft a Menu:

Outline of menu to complement restaurant's concept and theme. Incorporating seasonal ingredients, signature dishes, and creative twists on classic favorites.

Brand Identity:

Develop a strong brand identity through restaurant's name, logo, and overall branding and positioning

Testing and Feedback:

Conduct research, gather feedback, and refine concept before going on floor.

Food & Manpower Consulting

Menu Consulting:

Menu Engineering keeping in mind marketing requirement, trend, profitability and popularity.
Innovate new dishes and train kitchen staff alongwith plating
Implement menu engineering techniques to optimize product mix and pricing strategy.
Post launch, Re-validation & changes in menu basis learnings

Manpower Consulting:

Manpower / Staff planning & recruitment
Assess staffing needs and roles based on operational requirements.
Develop and deliver customized training programs for kitchen staff and servers, focusing on food safety, customer service, and operational procedures.

Kitchen Consulting:

Design and execute kitchen layout and workflow for efficiency.
Recommend layout improvements and standard operating procedures (SOPs) to streamline operations and minimize waste.
Implement food safety protocols and hygiene standards to ensure compliance and mitigate risks.

Documentation :

Recipe book documentation
Developing customized SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures) based on requirement / operations of restaurant
Attendance, staff documentation & other staff related documentation

Continuous Improvement and Support:

Facilitate regular review meetings.
Offer ongoing support and recommendations.

Architecture & Interior Designing

Space Programming:

Collaborating with the client to understand their requirements, preferences, and functional needs for the restaurant space.

Conceptualization and Mood Boards:

Developing mood boards, concept sketches, and inspirational images to articulate the desired look and feel of the restaurant interior.

Development of Floor Plans:

Creating detailed floor plans that depict the arrangement of spaces, circulation paths, and key features within the restaurant.

Generation of 2D Drawings:

Developing digital 3D models of the restaurant space to visualize the design from various perspectives and angles.

Creation of 3D Models:

Outline of menu to complement restaurant's concept and theme. Incorporating seasonal ingredients, signature dishes, and creative twists on classic favorites.

Design Iteration and Refinement:

Reviewing feedback from clients and stakeholders to refine the design and develop alternative layouts or configurations as needed.

Documentation and Specifications:

Preparing detailed documentation and specifications for materials, finishes, and construction methods to guide the implementation of the design

Selection of Finishes and Materials:

Curating a palette of finishes, materials, and textures for floors, walls, ceilings, and furnishings that align with the design concept and aesthetic vision.

Furniture and Fixture Specifications

Identifying and specifying furniture pieces, lighting fixtures, decorative accessories, and equipment that enhance the ambiance and functionality of the restaurant.

Collaboration with Suppliers and Vendors:

Liaising with vendors, suppliers, and contractors to source furnishings, fixtures, and materials that meet quality standards and budget constraints.


Brand Development & Management :

Develop or refine the restaurant's brand strategy, including its unique value proposition, brand voice, and visual identity.
Create brand assets such as logos, taglines, and brand guidelines to ensure consistency across all marketing channels.

Marketing Strategy:

Define objectives and tactics for reaching target audience.
Identify the most effective marketing channels and tactics to reach and engage the target audience, including digital marketing, social media, email marketing, PR, partnerships, and local advertising.

Digital & Social Media Marketing:

Execute digital campaigns and manage online presence on own platforms and other marketing partners like influencers & food apps.
Create and curate compelling content, including posts, images, videos, and stories, to resonate with the target audience.

Promotions and Events:

Plan and execute promotional campaigns
Planning & executing in-house or outdoor events

Sales :

Identifying multiple revenue streams and executing ideas
Overall responsibility of driving sales during the contract period