Elevate Your Culinary Journey: From Concept to Success with Sindbad Consulting!

We are a 7 year young food business enthusiasts who learnt the art of food business over years. We decided to use this knowledge for the overall growth & benefit of Food Industry; and so far we have been successful. Thanks to CityShor, the parent company, Sindbad Restaurant Consulting sails smoothly with over 7 years of experience of working with over 1000 clients in food industry (restaurants, hotels, cafes, Cloud Kitchens, Pubs, etc) across Ahmedabad, Pune, Bangalore, Surat, Jaipur & Indore.

Having worked extensively across categories, region, demography, Sindbad is bestowed with natural flow of knowledge & vision; which exactly is the reason why we have always succeeded in handling every project diligently making them profitable. Our exposure to varied field, people, marketing, menu, locations, cities etc has enabled us to think & execute logically based on research & data (and not just by guts)



Pankaj Pathak

Co-Founder & Chief

I love Restaurants. Period But if you want to know WHY? As a co-founder of CityShor & Sindbad, my understanding of the restaurant industry only grew over last 10 years working with over 10000 restaurants in different types, location, cities, culture, climate, situations, among other factors. I see a lot of problems, challenges. I see lackings, mistakes. I see the opportunity, solutions. But mostly I see the fascinating world of restaurants and I love it!

So I am here to guide you through the beautiful & exciting process of developing a concept to making it real to making it successful to taking it beyond …! I co-exist with an amazing team of creative thinkers & experienced do-ers. Together, we are on a mission of making awesome and successful restaurants with a single thought - “the idea is not to live forever, but to create something that will”

Sohil Qureshi

I love blending the art of running a restaurant with culinary magic. When it comes to Management, I'm your guy for keeping things smooth, whether it's handling staffing, finances, culinary advise or making sure every guest leaves with a smile. I pride myself on balancing culinary creativity with operational efficiency. My love for perfecting the art of serving guests helps me ensure that restaurant not only runs like clockwork but also serves unforgettable experiences. I enjoy improvising various SOPs & Processes, trainings, operations overall based on past experience and new learnings & technology


Hello there! I'm your Project Manager, your partner for all things restaurant. I thrive on bringing together design, operations and marketing. Right from conception phase of creativity to execution phase to launch phase, I am the bridge between various internal and external teams. Whether it's crafting the perfect interior ambiance in tandem with architect, ensuring seamless on-site project timelines, or developing strategic marketing campaigns, I'm here to make it happen. I love diving into every aspect of restaurant management, from scheduling & following timelines to maximizing efficiency in each phase of restaurant

Yash Chhangani

Hey folks! I'm your culinary and operations whiz, the ultimate multitasker who keeps the kitchen sizzling and the business booming. I love innovating delectable delights and it shows in the food we serve you at our restaurants. I enjoy directing the behind-the-scenes magic in kitchen while ensuring every plate is perfection & every operation is smooth. My passion for learning more, pushes me to keep experimenting & coming up with ‘something new each time’.


Hey there! I'm your creative design maestro, the artistic force behind every visual aspect that sets a brand apart. From crafting eye-catching graphics to curating captivating content for social and other media, I bring the vision to life with flair and finesse. I thrive to be better each time in each thing I do – be it trending reels, creative, menu & other collateral design, I am the one that lives by the love of making brands. With a passion for innovation and a keen eye for detail, I ensure that every design element resonates with brand identity and captures the essence of cuisine.


Hola! I analyze, manage & improvise the brand called Sindbad Restaurant Consulting. I strategize various operations, processes, branding and marketing of Sindbad. I started my journey as the first person to join Sindbad Consulting and grew up making my way as Project & Marketing Head. With my recent shift to USA, I now enjoy working on ways to expand the roots of Sindbad in various verticals and locations while guiding the existing team on project management & marketing


Heya, I am the guy behind the beauties you take selfies at. I am the Architect, the designer behind the ambiance that makes you fall in love with our places. With a keen eye for detail and a passion for creating immersive environments, I craft spaces that captivate and inspire. From conceptualizing layouts to selecting materials and colors, every decision is meticulously made to reflect the essence of the restaurant's brand and enhance the guest's journey. With expertise in spatial design and aesthetics, I transform concepts into tangible spaces where every corner tells a story and each element delights the senses.